Aerodynamics Engineering Services

Exterior view of Aerodyn Wind Tunnel,
our on premise full scale general purpose wind tunnel

With decades of experience running a wind tunnel, we know how to get the most out of your wind tunnel testing session. We help customers with ideas and or models that need to meet strict federal or state guidelines, as well as provide design verification documentation that is often required for 3rd party certification.

In the past we have designed testing solutions for stop lights that can be viewed during a hurricane, drag measurement on cell phone towers to allow for more densely packed 5G celluar antenna, and a plethora of other industries.

We have staff on site to help build fixtures to hold your model in the test section, as well as engineers who can develop a testing strategy to address things like component drag of a fixture or the like.

Our services are not limited to just wind tunnel testing. We can help improve quality of life in buildings, make vehicles more energy efficient, and many other avenues. Please contact us with any project that involves airflow and we would be happy to provide our engineering services.